24 tables in a row, the most played poker pro at the same time.

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Before Getting Into The Matter, Let’s Say A Little Bit.

For Anyone Who Is Affiliated With Online Poker Sites. Probably Enough To Hear The UFABET Name Of The Fpp Point Or Simply Translated Into Thai Language. That Points Are Often Played

Which Points Played Often Can Be Taken To Serve The Face, Oh!!! Redeem Many Gifts Some Exchange Money Which Pays A Lot. Or Even Exchange For A Sports Car

But The Name Already Says That Points Are Often Played. That Is, Having To Play All Day And Night, Collecting Points Continuously If You Want To Exchange Prizes Which Some Bastards Have To Collect Points For Years Better Than Being Able To Exchange

Still, A Smart Young Man Named “Randy Lou” (Name In The Game Nanonoko) Uses A Method That Most People Have (Unexpectedly) Short Belts.

24 tables in a row, the most played poker pro at the same time.

“Play More And Score More. How About Playing At Many Tables At The Same Time?” 

This Sounds Like The Crazy Idea Of ​​A Street Fighter Gamer Guy (Yes, Seriously Competing, Too), But It’s Not All That Simple.

He Started Playing Two Tables Of Poker. Which The Website That He Played At That Time Can Do And When He Got Used To It, He Increased The Number Of Tables To Three

Although The Capital Is Not Much, But With The Number Of Hands Spinning More Causing Him To Quickly Start Collecting Points

Until The End, Do You Know How Many Tables He Played At The Same Time?

He Uses 2 Monitors To Play At 24 Tables Simultaneously.

Hey, Are You Going? It Sounds Unbelievable. But It’s True. And With Frequently Played Scores That Erupt Quickly Redeem A Lot Of Rewards

Causing The Website To Contact Nanonoko To Join His Professional Team Immediately, Of Course, There Is An Unusual Story Like This. The Reputation Has Exploded.

Even Though They Come Out To Play Live One Table At A Time To Show Themselves But He’s Still A Living Legend Of Online Poker.

And Then The Story Ends But When The Article Ends Like This, What Is It? So Will Give Advice For Playing Multi-Table Poker As Well.

1. Play To Master One Table First. Otherwise, The Bully Will Collapse. It’s All Poured Out For Sure.

2. Slowly, Some People Threw Several Tables At One Place Until They Were Completely Destroyed.

3. Add One Table At A Time Even Though It’s A Bit Slow, It Gradually Gets Used To It And It Performs Better.

4. Know How To Use Hotkeys Damn, When A Few Tables Are Not Much But When Many Tables Will Press The Wrong Button, Press The Right Button, Can’t Press It In Time, It’s Confusing, So The Shortcut Button Can Help.

5. Concentrate, Don’t Let Anything Disturb You. Turn Off Your Mobile Phone, Otherwise If You Miss It, You May Drag Many Tables Together.

This One Is Not Prayuth (Tu) Himself, But The 24 Table Gods Tell Him.

Who Wants To Know Him Or Would Like To Find Out More