Brighton sets up a defensive line “Allister” returns to the great club

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Like when you won the world championship! Brighton’s players and staff congratulate Argentine midfielder Alexis MacAllister. After winning the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team by setting up a welcome line back to the team

The aftermath of the 2022 World Cup . After the Argentine national team successfully won the third world championship that had been waiting for 36 years. After completing the mission, the “Blue-White” army players returned to the club to participate in the thrashing. Shining in the next football league by Alexis Mac Allister. The Brighton midfielder has traveled back to England to do the Premier League with teammates. After the agency gave the green light to rest fully

Brighton sets up a defensive line "Allister" returns to the great club

When Alexis Mac Allister arrives at the Brighton and Hove Albion club, the players, teammates. And the team of the club gave a great welcome. By lining up to receive Allister as he travels through the door. Everyone applauded cheers with the flag of Argentina adorned at the pole

That’s not enough The UFABET World Cup trophy was also taken. Modeled and placed, Alexis MacAllister walks up to lift the trophy with a smiling face. And there is also a paper shooting up like the atmosphere. When celebrating the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as well.

Alexis Mac Allister is one of the Argentina national team in the 2022 World Cup championship series. Which is considered an important force for the team with this success with outstanding performance. He has been linked with a number of European clubs interested in signing him in the second transfer window. Be it Juventus Italian Serie A or even the whole team. Join leagues like Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool etc.

Although there is news that there is a famous team interested. but Alexis Mac Allister has revealed that “I try not to read rumors. There are too many media outlets. I always say that I feel good and happy about this club. with my teammates Including everyone who works with the club. Which I was in no hurry to move out of the team. Now I just want to concentrate on playing for the club in the next match.”