Frank vows The Bees dream of playing in Europe next season

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank urges football fans to dream of playing in Europe next season. After the Bees have beaten many big teams. Most recently, he opened the nest to compress Liverpool 3-1 and held 7th on the table.

Brentford manager Thomas Frank is confident his supporters can dream of playing in Europe next season. After just showing good form at home. Beating Liverpool 3-1 in the English Premier League on Monday January 2 the past. As a result, the UFABET team rose to 7th place in the table with 26 points from 18 matches.

Frank vows The Bees dream of playing in Europe next season

The   Bees are now unbeaten in 6 league games, with the last 4 games they have won 3 games against Manchester City, West Ham United and the Reds. The other draw against Tottenham. Nam Hotspur, which all these teams have played in European football this season. When asked Is it really possible to aim to play in European football next season? 

The Dairy boss said: “I hope the fans can dream big and I hope the players can do the same. But in reality this league is a dynamic league. We will try to finish as high as possible. But if we get lost and don’t do everything perfectly. We wouldn’t have a chance. Today, 100 per cent, it’s my rule to celebrate. I’ll have a glass of red or a glass of beer tonight. But after that we will immediately focus on the next game.”

The 49-year-old also praised Yoan Vissa, who scored one goal and sent the ball into the bottom of the net twice but was forfeited. After being sent down to replace Ivan Tony with an injury, saying that although not an option in the front. but when sent down to play This player also shows his work very well.

“It’s impressive that we can win without Tony, we have to give credit to the rest of the players, especially Yoan Vissa, he’s our second top scorer in the Premier League. But when I play with two strikers, Ivan and Brian Mbeuemo, a powerful duo. And it’s difficult for him to compete for the position. But every time he came down he scored That’s a pretty good ability. I am very pleased with him and Will honor him in front of the players tomorrow said Frank.