Who said poker has to see the cards! Poker Online, the first table played through letters.

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When People First Talk About Online Poker Rooms Most People Will Think Of Planet Poker, Mike Caro’s Beloved Son And A Poker Website Where You Can Play Online Poker For Real Money. In January 1998

But Really, The Idea Of ​​Playing Online Poker And The People Playing It Online. It Has Been Around For Many Years.

In 1988, Programmer Jarkko “WiZ” Oikarinen Created IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Which Translates To The First Online Chat Room. Which Can Allow Users To Create Rooms And Open Rooms For Others To Chat.

Who said poker has to see the cards! Poker Online, the first table played through letters.

Over Time, IRC Grew Both In Number Of Users. And Develop Various Working Systems Up To The Point That Users Can Send Files. And More Importantly Create Subprograms.

IRC Meets Poker In The Early 1990s, Todd Mummert And Greg Reynolds Created A Server And Program That Allowed IRC Users To Play Poker And Compete In Online Poker Tournaments.

But Since IRC Requires More Computer Understanding And Expertise Than Usual, It’s One Of The Most Popular Programs Out There. Among Geeks And Computer Nerds If Interpreted Again, That Is This Group Of Online Poker Players Are Not Programmers. Not A Mathematician, It’s A Computer Engineer. Some WSOP Bracelet Winners Have Learned Or Completed Pro Courses. Poker Came From The IRC Room Itself, Featuring Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Jay “Sippy” Sipelstein And Perry “Tiltboy” Friedman.

In The Server At That Time There Were Many Different Poker Rooms: 7 Card Stud, Bot Room, Texas Holdem Omaha Pot Limit, Low Buy-In To High Buy-In. And Tournaments, But… It’s Fake Money.

Even If That’s The UFABET Case And Every Player Can Log In And Earn 1000 Chips Per Day, But The Standard Of Playing Is Very High. High Enough That Fake Money Players On Big Websites At Present.

That’s Because Of The Type Of Players In IRC And The Small Number Of People. Make The Play Extremely Serious And Every Strategy Is Real. If You’re Wondering Why, Think About Playing With The Same Friends All The Time.

And One More Thing That Online Poker Games These Days Don’t Compare With IRC At All Is… It’s Purely Literal.

Simply Put, To Play, You Have To Sit And Read The Typeface. (Think About How Serious The Player Must Be.)

Between 1995 And 2001, More Than 10 Million Eyes On. The Server Were Recorded By A Program Called “Observer” Created By Michael Maurer. All Of These Numbers Are Stored In The IRC’s Poker Database.

And These Data Were Used For Statistical Evaluation. Math Test Calculation For The First Time In The World, People Have Access To Data From Millions Of Eyes, Allowing Them To Look At Trends Or Create Graphs From This Data.

But In 2001, The IRC’s Servers Were Shut Down. This Comes From The Fact That Real Money Online Poker Is Legal. And Can Be Easily Accessed If You Want To Play Poker Through Long Characters. You Can Download The IRC Poker Script And Install It. But For Me, It’s Good To Play Like This Image.