Did you know? Drink a glass of milk a day. Reduce the risk of developing gout.

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Many people think that gout comes from eating a lot of chicken. To the point that many people are just careful about eating chicken alone. In fact, it’s the cause of gout. It doesn’t come directly from eating chicken. But the level of “uric acid” in the body is too high.

Did you know? Drink a glass of milk a day. Reduce the risk of developing gout.

“Gout” is an inflammatory arthritis that causes severe pain. It is caused by high levels of uric acid in the body over a long period of time, forming uric crystals. These uric crystals tend to stick to the joint bones. If uric crystals adhere to the bone like this, they will not show any symptoms. Until some of the parts that hold it together fall into the joint. Many white blood cells come to deal with the loose part, causing inflammation of the joint. Therefore, keeping uric acid in our body within a normal range is very important to prevent gout.

So where does the uric acid in our body come from? Actually than 80% of the amount of uric acid in the body comes from within our bodies, while the remaining 20% ​​comes from the ufabet https://ufabet999.app food we eat. The kidneys are responsible for excreting excess uric acid through the urine. From the results of various medical studies it is known that The main cause of birth “High uric acid” is caused by the kidneys not excreting uric acid properly. Eating foods that cause too much uric acid is only a secondary cause.

The cause of the kidneys being unable to excrete uric acid is due to two issues:

– Too much insulin (a hormone that helps control blood sugar) affects the kidneys in excreting uric acid. which can be found in people who are “obese”

– “Genetic” abnormalities which are rare

Therefore, in summary, the prevention of gout that we all can do is Controlling weight to prevent obesity Do not eat foods that cause excessively high uric acid levels.

Finally, for those who have or are at risk of high uric acid. A recent study found that ” eating just 1 glass of low-fat milk per day can reduce the incidence of gout by more than 40%.” The mechanism by which milk can reduce the incidence of gout is remarkable. This is because milk contains a protein called “casein.” When it passes down the intestines, it is converted into an amino acid called “alanine” and then enters the body. This “alanine” will help. Let the kidneys excrete uric acid more efficiently.

In addition, Dr. Aki further explains that, in fact, uric acid is not always harmful. Because uric acid is an important antioxidant in the body. Acts to inhibit the degeneration of cells in the body Helps various tissues Can function normally It also plays an important role in fighting cancer. But you have to be careful not to let the uric acid in your body get too high.

Although the medical profession is still unable to confirm that Drinking milk can help existing gout go away. But at least it will help relieve and help increase the body’s efficient process of eliminating uric acid. Research that took more than 12 years to collect statistics found that people with gout who drink milk every day will be able to reduce the uric acid in their blood to normal levels. This is because milk contains substances that help excrete uric acid through the kidneys. This causes the uric acid level in the blood to effectively decrease. In addition, milk also has other nutrients. necessary for the body

It is not necessary that we only drink ‘milk’ to relieve gout. But other products Products made from milk can be consumed as well, such as yogurt and sour milk, which are effective, except for soy milk and soybean milk, which are not considered milk that can help relieve gout. Drinking just 1 glass of milk per day is considered sufficient. For those allergic to cow’s milk, you can drink milk that is specially produced for those allergic to cow’s milk.