Is it true that eating sugary foods makes your face age prematurely?

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“Sugar ” is like a flavor enhancer. Helps food and drinks have a delicious taste that appeals to many people. But did you know that Consuming too much sugar It has a very negative effect on physical health. And is it true that it is said that eating sweets makes the face age prematurely?

Is it true that eating sugary foods makes your face age prematurely?

It’s true. 

When we eat sweet food, our blood sugar will rise. But actually, it’s not just sugar. Foods such as rice, flour, sugar, taro, and oily foods, all of these foods turn into sugar. When blood sugar rises Sugar reacts with various organs throughout the body such as the heart, eyes, kidneys, and most importantly, the skin. When sugar reacts with the skin, the Collagen layer under the skin deteriorates. Makes the face age quickly

There are many groups of sugars. Those that are absorbed quickly are mostly those that are in nectar. Or that it’s in fruit, such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, these are absorbed quite quickly. Therefore, it’s not just sugar alone. Fruits themselves are high in sugar, and various nectarines are also high in sugar. Starchy foods, even though the sugar doesn’t rise quickly But the body can eventually turn into sugar as well. Therefore, these are all villains.

Conclusion: If you want to stay young for a long time, it’s best to eat middle way food: sour, sweet, fatty, salty, you can eat it all. But you should eat in moderation. Don’t eat too much sweet food. Don’t eat too much oily food. And don’t eat too much salty food.