Ghost’ weighs in, lends ‘Greenwood’ 1 year and then makes a big comeback

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Manchester United may let Mason Greenwood, striker cleared of scandal Off to trade with other clubs in foreign leagues on loan for 1 season before returning to play for the Red Devils first team the following season

Daily Mail , famous media in the country of the elite News reports that  Manchester United are considering releasing young striker Mason Greenwood. Go to other league teams on loan for the 2023-2024 season before returning to the first team in the 2024-2025 season after the players have been cleared of the scandal. But within the club there are still divided opinions about a comeback. Causing the person to be unable to enter the field

Ghost' weighs in, lends 'Greenwood' 1 year and then makes a big comeback

The 21-year-old has been suspended for more than a year since being charged with attempted rape. Mayhem and imprisoning young women, however, in early February Office of the Attorney General decided not to prosecute such lawsuits. Because the key witness withdrew And there is new evidence to refute the allegations. While the ufabet club has an internal investigation. Which at this time has not yet been concluded.

United still can not decide to cancel the contract for the remaining two years, the Dutch boss Erik ten Hag. just revealed that This young star. There is still a future at Old Trafford. So they are considering the possibility of going on loan to another team first. With Italian, Spanish and Turkish league clubs showing interest Whether on loan or permanent transfer

Greenwood has made 129 appearances for the Red Devils, scoring 35 goals and providing 12 assists. Was one of the best rising stars in the world before his arrest. Which the report states Club’s final decision more complex Because it must be considered from the perspective of sponsors, fan groups and women’s football teams.

The club has not yet set a time frame for the decision. But it was reported that It will be announced before the end of June as Greenwood is not allowed to train until next season. If leaving to move to another team on loan this summer. Must allow the players to practice in order to get fit and build strength for their physical condition. After leaving the field for a long time since the beginning of the year